J. Elizabeth Gyles Johnson
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Nearly every day for seventeen years, Elizabeth Johnson looked into the eyes of the same beautiful cat, from her second birthday until she was a college student.  Many other pets have trotted across her heart and situated themselves in the comfortable place next to her soul. Elizabeth is very sensitive to the uniquely nuanced personalities in the eyes and presence of animals.  She delights in a menagerie of pets, in gardening, and in gathering antiques.
While Elizabeth employs a variety of mediums, her favorite has always been artist pencils. Her subject of choice is, of course, animals, both domestic and wild.  It is her desire, through paint and pencil, to capture the soul and particular identity of an animal and portray it in such a way that others can also see and feel it.
With a large variety of artist pencils she lets her imagination run.   She pulls together bits and pieces of real and imaginary moments to create an artistic pastiche of intriguing beauty.