Panda in Pastels

with J Elizabeth Gyles Johnson


This adorable panda surrounded by bamboo is drawn with Derwent soft pastel pencils.  You can draw your own panda to enjoy at your house or to give as a gift for a friend.  Elizabeth will walk you through this project step by step.

Soft pastels are a fun way to draw.  They are easy to blend for an enjoyable creative process. 

Students at all levels will be able to accomplish this project.

This workshop opens on August 4, 2013 and will remain open through October 6, 2013

                                Tuition is $36.00 

                           Supplies for Panda in Pastels

 graphite drawing pencil in grades B

Soft Pastel Pencils

     You may use any brand of soft pastels.  And your colors can vary also.  But for those of you that want to use the exact ones I used, here is a list:

            I used Derwent Soft Pastel Pencils.  I have the old colors.  I have included a conversion list if you have the new colors.  

Old Colors

Burnt Carmine 65B

Ivory Black  67B

Indigo  38F

Indigo  36B

Indigo 36D

White  72B

Chocolate  66B

Brown Ochre  57F

Geranium Lake  15D

Deep Cadmium 6F

May Green  48F

Terra Cotta  64D

Hookers Green  75B

Forest Green  76B

New Colors

Burnt Carmine  P610

Carbon Black  P710

Indigo  P360       

    (For the lighter shades you will blend the Indigo and Titanium white P720)

Titanium White  P720

Chocolate  P590

Brown Earth P550   

    (If you prefer a lighter shade, it can be blended with Titanium white)

Coral P190

Process Yellow  P030

May Green  P480

Terracotta P640

    (If you prefer a redder shade, it can be blended with Burnt Orange P090)

Pea Green  P430

Mid Green  P440                   

Vanishing 3-in-1 Eraser or General’s Factis Oval  Eraser (or something similar)

    Kneadable eraser

Paper blending stumps in a variety of sizes


Sketch paper   
        This is just to create your initial drawing.  Any inexpensive paper will do.

Bristol board vellum surface  11” x 14”
        Must say vellum surface.  

        There are many brands of papers and many grades of papers.          Strathmore,     Canson, and Bienfang are reliable brands for the grade you will need for these classes.   Cheap papers will not cooperate with your pencil and you will not be pleased with the results.

Pencil Sharpener

Soft Brush

(This should not be the same brush you use for graphite or colored pencils)  You can purchase a soft drafting brush.  However, it is not necessary to spend money on this     item.  A soft fluffy paint brush or make up brush will work just fine.  Just be sure they are clean and soft.

Workable Fixative