Lovely Wren

with J Elizabeth Gyles Johnson


This sweet little wren was drawn with Derwent Soft Drawing Pencils.  If you have worked with regular colored pencils, this will be a very different experience for you.  These pencils are very soft and blend very easily.  They come in lovely gentle colors that lend themselves beautifully to nature subjects.    Elizabeth will walk you through this project step by step.

Students at all levels will be able to accomplish this project.

This workshop opens on August 4, 2013 and will remain open through October 6, 2013

                                Tuition is $28.00 

                              Supplies for Lovely Wren

 graphite drawing pencil in grades B

Derwent Soft Drawing Pencils  -  Set of 24

Derwent Soft Pastel Pencils

    May Green

    Cyan Blue

    French Grey Dark

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils (or another brand of quality wax based pencils)



    Warm Grey 50%

General’s Factis Oval  Eraser (or something similar)

    Kneadable eraser

A paper blending stump in a variety of sizes

    Derwent pencil blender

    paper tortillion


Sketch paper   
        This is just to create your initial drawing.  Any inexpensive paper will do.

Mixed Media Paper

    Tracing Paper

Pencil Sharpener

Soft Brush