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J Elizabeth Gyles Johnson


Elizabeth Gyles Johnson has been creating art for most of her life and has been helping students to discover their hidden artistic skills since 1999.  Her first classes were teaching children to draw.  Elizabeth’s calm and encouraging teaching style has opened up the world of drawing to hundreds of students who have experienced the joy of pencil art.   Elizabeth’s uses clear instructions and encourages each student to find their own sense of creativity and style as they work through her right-brained approach to  drawing.


Elizabeth has taught local classes and workshops throughout the Midwest to both children and adults.   She teaches all types of artist pencils and in all subjects.   When she is not teaching, Elizabeth enjoys creating in her studio.  She is an award winning artist and is known for her exquisitely lifelike commissioned animal portraits.   Her art is enjoyed in collections internationally.  Elizabeth Johnson has been teaching kids to draw and make creative choices for over 14 years.

Kate Johnson completed her MFA in ceramic sculpture in 2011. Her current work reflects an ongoing interest in fiber art. She also enjoys making handmade jewelry, bike riding, and the art of baking bread. 

Kate has been teaching art to children through the Gilcrease and Philbrook Museums of Art as well as the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa since 2010. Kate is an award winning artist who's students love her and her fun approach to teaching. She believes in the important role of arts education as a foundation for self confidence and strength in all areas of study. 



Workshops in drawing, printmaking, and clay open May 1, 2013

Unsure about using a video online format

for teaching your kids art? 

Try these free demonstration videos. 

Meet the Instructors

Landscapes in Paper Collage

        for kids of any age

Outline Drawing - Rabbit

  for kids ages 5 and up

Shaded Wren in Charcoal

ideally for kids ages 8 and older


This workshop features drawing lessons of four  woodland animals - Box Turtle, Fox, Squirrel, and Frog.

Elizabeth walks even very young kids through line drawing.  She helps them to see the shapes that are in the subject and demonstrates how to draw each line. 


The foundations of shading are more easily learned in black and white.  Elizabeth teaches basic shading skills to kids ages 8 and up using a charcoal pencil.  Fun shapes are the subjects used for these creative lessons.


In this workshop, Elizabeth teaches foundational color theory and shading.  Using the same fun shapes as the charcoal lessons, Elizabeth uses the familiarity of the shape to help the kids understand how to create depth through shading with color.