Beginning Watercolor Pencils

with J Elizabeth Gyles Johnson


In this workshop you will learn how to add color to your graphite drawings using watercolor pencils.    It is a fun process with a unique look.  The final of the three lessons will present watercolor pencils with pen and ink. 

This technique is a refreshing way to bring color to a black and white drawing.  with a softer look than colored pencils.

Workshop is open for enrollment

August 16, 2012 - December 28, 2012


Bristol board smooth paper

basic graphite drawing supplies as used in Pencils 101

Workable Fixative

Watercolor pencils (You may use a variety of brands or colors depending on the project you choose to complete.)

A very small flat paint brush and a tiny liner brush. I used #6 flat and #2 round

Very fine point permanent waterproof marker - black.  I used a Sharpie Pen